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Trinity Theatre App

Located in the centre of Tunbridge Wells, Trinity is a vibrant theatre in one of the most beautiful buildings in the region, hosting artistic and community events spanning theatre, music, dance, comedy, and cinema.

Case Study

Written by James Michael Maltby
Product Manager at Access Culture

Trinity Theatre App

In late 2015 we had the pleasure of working with Trinity Theatre on their new brochure app for iOS and Android as part of the Access Culture project. We believe the app is innovative in three main ways.

Firstly, we tried to create an interface that allows users to intuitively navigate through events using just touch gestures. By swiping left and right users can quickly move between different genres and by swiping up and down they can browse through the listings chronologically.

Secondly, it was important to the theatre that the app was easy to maintain. Many app developers require clients to use a custom content management system but this can be time consuming to update. We instead developed a system that automatically synchronises the apps content with the theatre's box office system. Trinity do not have to do anything to keep the app up-to-date.

Finally, we wanted to create an app that was accessible to as many people as possible. The app can automatically generate audio descriptions throughout the programme for visually impaired users.

We were proud that in 2016 the Trinity Theatre app was a finalist in the Kent Digital Awards rewarding the achievements of the most innovation and progressive digital companies and projects in Kent.

Finalist in KDA2016